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    Australia’s Premier Avicultural Convention – Parrots 2016 – July 1,2,3 2016

    Sentinel parrots

    The 9th international “Parrots Convention” is on its way! This time it’s being held in sunny Brisbane, QLD sunshine state capital. What better state to host this wonderful event, the crowds, the weather, the view and the ocean!

    These “Parrot Conventions” are held every two years, this year’s convention looks to be bigger, better and far more dynamic (something the conventions strive to do in every occurrence!). There’s experienced domestic and international aviculturists, a conservationist and companion parrot speakers, there’s stalls, stands and products to view and tons to experience.

    This is the only event of its kind in Australia, the convention aims to give parrot enthusiasts the freedom to experience different sessions and speakers at their own choice and leisure. You won’t find a fixed program in sight! Being able to experience the social and the hobbyist aspects of the event are often enough for most- however if you wanted to continue the trip there’s a conservationist fundraising dinner that will absolutely be the pinnacle of the event.

    The event offers amazing learning opportunities and is run by the most dedicated, hard working, passionate and informed people in the industry. People who will be able to enlighten you to current and innovative avian management and handling practices.

    If any of the above sounds appealing to you (as it certainly did to me!) then you can grab your form for signup here

    Parrot Society – Registration Form

    And send it to this email address:

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